Østre Tangent Bridge

The Nordenga bridge spans the 24 tracks of Oslo Central Station and with its length of 160 metres and trusses of up to 30 metres high, it now looks like a very sleek bridge. On the instruction of NLI, Hollandia completed the Østre Tangent as a steel truss bridge of approx. 160 metres long, approx. 23.5 metres wide and with a total steel weight of approx. 2,000 tons.

A landmark for Oslo

as the bridge was called by the local press.

Within the framework of the extensive “E18 BjØrvikaprosjektet” urban development project in Oslo, a new bridge was realised, the “Nordenga Bru” (Østre Tangent).
It is a combined traffic bridge with lanes for both fast traffic and pedestrians/cyclists. These lanes are separated from each other; the east lane is for pedestrians/cyclists and lies up to 2.5 metres higher than the west lane, which is intended for fast traffic.
The highest point of the bridge lies at approx. 35 metres above the ground. Its particular design made this bridge a challenge to complete. The largest bridge section for instance, has various girders that are bent in two directions. Also, the deck curves and has a considerable cant.

Completion date:

Client: NLI Alfred Andersen