Basculebrug over het Ramsdiep

The new Ramspolbrug forms part of the “project N 50 – Ramspol-Ens” work package within the context of the so-called “Urgent Road Programme” of Rijkswaterstaat. The new bridge consists of fixed concrete approach slabs and a movable steel section, the steel bascule bridge.

The Ramspolbrug is a so-called zero-energy bridge.

The movable section consists of two mechanised bridge sections. The first section has two traffic lanes, while the second, in addition to two traffic lanes, also has space for a parallel cycling lane. The work was carried out on the basis of a design & construct contract, based on the UAV-GC 2005 with Systems Engineering.
The Ramspolbrug is a so-called zero-energy bridge. This means that the bridge generates its own power by using the energy released when slowing down the movable section. Together with the power generated by 320 solar panels, installed on both sides of the bridge, this generates enough power to compensate the consumption for operating the bridge. This is a unique concept not seen elsewhere in the world. Rijkswaterstaat won the Golden Ant award with this plan.
The three movement works are fitted with a panama wheel driving gear.

Completion date:

Client: Bouwcombinatie “Infrateam N50 Ramspol” voor Rijkswaterstaat Dienst Infrastructuur