This storm-surge barrier consists of two arc-shaped steel sector gates, each consisting of a barrier wall and a truss arm that turn into the river from a parking dock at high water. By ballasting the sector gates with river water, the barrier gate sinks onto the threshold structure.

The Nieuwe Waterweg storm-surge barrier forms the new component of the Delta Works. Thanks to the storm-surge barrier, approximately one million people in the southern Netherlands are protected against the sea.

Nardo Hoogendijk

As a partner in the "Bouwcombinatie Maeslantkering" consortium, Hollandia supplied the two steel ball joints with the jack structure, 26 top units for the barrier wall, various elements for the two truss arms and the movements for the gates.
The truss arms, which a length of 240 metres each, transmit the water pressure against the barrier wall to two ball joints positioned on the river bank.
The ball joints each have a diameter of 10 metres and can transmit a stress of 35,000 tons. The sector gates are set in motion by means of a hydraulic movement, the so-called “Locomobiel”.

Completion date:

Client: Rijkswaterstaat