Draaibrug Simpson Bay - Sint Maarten

On the instruction of Volker Construction International, Hollandia realised the Simpson Bay swing bridge. This steel swing bridge, with a length of 68 metres, forms part of a 726 metre-long traffic bridge across Simpson Bay.
The new Simpson Bay Bridge is a magnificent landmark in the lagoon of the tropical island of Sint Maarten.

Project realized in Sint Maarten lagoon!

Hollandia designed, constructed and assembled this swing bridge for the client. The swinging cable-stayed bridge weighs approx. 450 tons and has 2 steel pylons. Its rotation point lies in the centre. The bridge has two lanes for fast traffic and two lanes for pedestrians and cyclists.
In view of the location, it was decided to assemble the bridge without the use of cranes and other lifting equipment.
Another special aspect about this project is that the entire swing bridge was transported by sea. The ship that transported it had to be narrow enough to be able to negotiate the narrow 16-metre existing bridge on Sint Maarten, in order to reach its final destination.

Completion date:

Client: Volker Construction International