British Airways i360 winner of the Dutch National Steel Award 2018

Tuesday the 3th of October, our British Airways i360 project won the Dutch National Steel Award 2018. We are very proud of the praising words we received: No one can deny it: the British Airways i360 is a project that deserves to be featured in an episode of the television series Extreme Engineering. Everything breathes steel. Just the diameter to height ratio of 1 to 40 is simply vertiginous. Many things are impressive about this project:

The dimensions of the prefabricated 'silos', the assembly from below with strand jack technology, the weight of all parts, all the bolted connections and so on, the list is endless. In any case, true masters have been at work here, not only during the phase of engineering but also during the execution on a rather unusual location at the English coast. Just think that the total tilt of the complete tower is only a few centimeters. A justified winner of the Dutch National Steel Award 2018.